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Goldfinch yields come from real-world lending, and investments are collateralized off-chain, which makes them distinctly different from the highly volatile DeFi lending you may be familiar with.

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“Goldfinch is dramatically expanding lending to more potential borrowers and capital providers.”
Arianna Simpson
“Among the highest USDC yields in crypto… a big step forward in the next evolution in decentralized finance.”
Kunal Goel
Messari Research
“Goldfinch services institutions in emerging markets, with its loans collateralized by off-chain assets. The yields are some of the best in DeFi.”
Spencer Noon
Variant Fund
“Goldfinch is uniquely able to combine DeFi with real world use cases to create meaningful impact... designing a new credit ecosystem from scratch.”
Joe Gerber
“We have been astounded by the depth of talent in their team, the pace and quality of their execution, and most of all their commitment to mission.”
Kanyi Maqubela
Kindred Ventures
“Goldfinch opens DeFi’s global liquidity pool to the most prominent form of off-chain lending: corporate lending, secured against real-world assets. The result is that Goldfinch offers some of the best, risk-adjusted returns in crypto.”
TJ Abood
Access Ventures
“[Goldfinch] is one of the more sophisticated identity-based approaches”
Lucas Baker
Jump Crypto

Backed by visionaries

Andreessen Horowitz
Coinbase Ventures
Kindred Ventures
Mercy Corps Ventures
Access Ventures
Stratos Technologies

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Returns won't disappear on Goldfinch. Use DeFi's global credit marketplace to harness sustainable APYs from businesses creating real value in the world.

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Community-driven incentives match your participation needs. Earn GFI by staking USDC/FIDU Curve LP Shares, staking FIDU from participation in the Senior Pool, or get a bonus as a Backer.


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High-quality experienced Borrowers, with proven success in their local markets. Drive change by expanding access to DeFi’s global potential, via Goldfinch’s novel decentralized vetting.

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East-African asset-financing fintech Tugende tackles the credit gap for small businesses in Africa by enabling informal entrepreneurs via ownership and credit.

Tugende has financed over $50M worth of income-generating assets with loan loss rates under 1%, while helping motorcycle taxi (boda-boda) operators double their daily profits.

They have over 28,000 active clients, and 21,000 assets have already been fully owned by alumni clients.

They employ over 750 full-time staff in Kenya and Uganda, and raised a $5M borrower pool to fund the growth of their Kenyan operations.


ALMA Sustainable Finance is an investment management firm that creatively deploys capital for sustainable development, primarily in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

ALMA has successfully borrowed across eight Pools

End-borrowers include Impact Water, supplying over 30,000 schools across central and eastern Africa with no-fuel systems to make water safe and potable; Ghana-based Oya, a micro-lender with 82% female borrowers; and many more.

ALMA’s leadership team has nearly 100 combined years of experience building, scaling and exiting sustainable impact companies.


Cauris is a team bringing DeFi to fintechs, with a mission to drive financial inclusion by helping small and medium businesses across the Global South scale.

Cauris aims to facilitate access to credit to 100 million people through its fintech partners in Asia and Africa, starting with their first $5.1M fund on Goldfinch.

They currently lend in India and are rapidly expanding to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Cauris fundamentally believes DeFi will be the future and provides a unique opportunity to democratize and lower the cost of financing to the fintechs it partners with.

Greenway via Almavest

Greenway is an India-based manufacturer and distributor of clean cookstoves that help combat pollution for low-income consumers in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Since May 2021, Greenway has sourced $750,000 from the Goldfinch protocol via the credit fund Almavest.

Greenway employs ~100 people in Mumbai (HQ), Bangalore, and Vadodara

Each stove costs approximately $30 to produce and distribute and is modeled to generate about 8.7 tons of carbon offsets through 2025.

Addem Capital

Addem Capital is an innovative private debt fund providing small business loans across Mexico and Latin America, specializing in early stage companies.

With the launch of their $10M Borrower Pool on Goldfinch in 2022, Addem Capital became Mexico’s first credit fund to utilize crypto capital for off-chain lending.

They have invested in more than five countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and US-based entrepreneurs working in LATAM.

Addem Capital’s mission is to help overcome the difficulties small businesses face obtaining accessible financing in the region.


Goldfinch is doing what DeFi was always meant to do.

Goldfinch is a credit protocol for tomorrow, built on-chain with interoperability and access for all.

Goldfinch is on a mission to expand access to capital by creating a single global credit marketplace. That means everyone, from startups in Lagos to institutions in New York, can borrow from the same capital markets and that all investors can access those deals directly.

For too long, the financial system has been fragmented and owned by everyone except the users. We believe that crypto offers a reset and that everyone can participate in this transformative financial renaissance.

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