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Goldfinch is revolutionizing the $1T+ global private debt market by connecting USDC investors to proven, off-chain credit funds and fintechs—so you can access stable yields with competitive, risk-adjusted returns.

Total loss rate
Senior pool diversified usdc apy

Over-collateralized. Fundamentals-driven.

Goldfinch’s proven Borrowers access $5M-$20M loans from the protocol to drive successful business growth worldwide, over-collateralized with real-world assets and income.

Why? Because in markets where financing can be slow or expensive to obtain, Borrowers save by replacing inflated costs with efficient smart contracts and crypto’s liquid capital—allowing you to become the bank, accessing stable yields with high returns.

Invest in growing markets for transparent, fundamentals-driven, non-speculative yields, while unlocking the promise of DeFi’s global access to capital. 

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How does Goldfinch work?

Put your USDC to work

Returns won't disappear on Goldfinch. Use DeFi's global credit marketplace to harness sustainable APYs from businesses creating real value in the world.

Compliance-forward architecture

Crypto investing doesn’t have to be the Wild West. Goldfinch brings institutional grade risk management, due diligence, and compliance frameworks to decentralized finance.

All participants conduct KYC, KYB, and Accreditation (for US Investors) to take part in Goldfinch.

Invest with USDC, a stablecoin fully and transparently backed by real-world assets, pegged 1:1 to USD, backed by cash and short-dated US-government obligations, and supported by U.S. based entities Circle and Coinbase, for safer crypto diversification.

Borrowers provide an NDA-gated data room when proposing a Borrower Pool to the network, including historical performance, investment performance, transaction structures, deal-specific documentation for the proposed Pool, and more.

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