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What is Goldfinch Membership?

Join a Member Vault as an active Goldfinch Investor to upgrade your Goldfinch participation and support Goldfinch’s growth and expansion.

Deposit GFI and Capital

Put both GFI and Capital (Staked FIDU, Backer NFT) in the Vault to become a Member. You can withdraw from the Vault at any time.

Receive boosted yields

Enhance your yields with Member Rewards, a percentage of the Goldfinch Treasury distributed pro-rata based on your Member Vault position.

Claim rewards weekly

Member Rewards are distributed weekly in FIDU, increasing your exposure to the Senior Pool. Withdrawing during a weekly cycle will forfeit rewards for that cycle.

Membership is now live!

Visit the Membership page in the Goldfinch dapp to become a Member and get in on the yield enhancements distributed pro-rata to all active Members.

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Join the waitlist to become one of Goldfinch’s first Members, and get in early on the yield enhancements distributed pro-rata to all active Members.

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Membership pre-launch checklist

To be ready for launch, make sure you have these three things in your wallet:

Valid UID

UID, the world's first NFT for identity, is used by Goldfinch for its Unique Entity Check.

No personally identifiable information is stored on-chain.

If you already have a UID for your Goldfinch participation, you're all set.

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Active Goldfinch investment

You’ll need to have a capital position as an active Goldfinch Investor. At launch, either of the following positions qualify for Membership:

Staked FIDU, representing investment in the Goldfinch Senior Pool, is FIDU that an LP is actively staking to earn GFI rewards. You will only be able to deposit Staked FIDU to participate in the Member Vault. To stake your FIDU, follow this guide.

A Backer PoolToken NFT, represents investment in a Goldfinch Borrower Pool.

Future releases are expected to launch support for joining a Member Vault by depositing Curve FIDU/USDC LP Tokens or Staked Curve FIDU/USDC LP Tokens.

Invest now


To join a Member Vault, simply deposit your capital position and match it with GFI. To be ready for launch, you can purchase GFI at any of the following exchanges:

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